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Marine Rescue & Water Safety

Working with water? We offer shore and watercraft-based water safety and rescue services. Including Certified Lifeguards, Divers, Medics, Boat Captains, etc.

Bringing over 15 years of experience to your set, it is our promise and goal to keep you and your crew safe, especially when water is involved!

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Cinematographer, Focus Puller, Grip, Camera Tech

As a member of I.A.T.S.E. Locals 667 and 873, Carly has experience shooting Underwater, tech'ing camera housings, and pulling focus. She is also an experienced Grip, and has performed lighting tasks underwater on various productions. 

From Fresh water, to salt water, or in a pool, Carly can help with all of your Underwater Cinematography needs

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Rentals & Equipment

Carly has access to, and experience with a variety of underwater equipment.. from Camera housings to lights, and anything in between. 

Carly has taught courses on Underwater Housings, teaching other AC's to prep, and tech a variety of gear. 

Working closely with different rental houses around Toronto, we can help you source whatever gear is needed.

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